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Our philosophy. In Europay s.r.o. we regard ourselves as people's company, providing the customers with a line of services that are affordable, convenient and most sought-after for recent years. Our main objective is to facilitate payments for customers from white-listed countries with a compliant business.

Our offer. There is a lack of decent solutions in the payment business for several years and the businessmen finally deserve such attention. We want to make their commercial life better and to be trusted and considered as reliable partner aiding clients to conduct business smoothly. We operate since 2011 and proved ourselves as the most understanding financial institution.

Personal manager. We work hard to combine our financial knowledge and expertise to deliver most needed services. One of weak points of the payment industry is feedback requested by customers during routine activities. In our Institution, every customer shall have a personal manager whose duty to instantly assist him.

Customer is always right. Why work with us? Just because our slogan is "facilitate payments for client with ensuring of compliance ". As far as the activities are clean and safe, a customer shall always rely on Europay Payment Services. We treat customers honorably and whatever it takes, are eager to provide full-scale consideration.

Easy start. Unlike other payment companies which force applicants to undergo tiresome and very irritating procedures, we require just 1 hour to complete formalities so that the customer walks out with active account. Then within 3-5 days we execute thorough compliance checks and it's ready to go. Welcome aboard!